Privacy Policy

[Updated 11 May 2011]

Your privacy is very important to us.

Service logging mechanisms are an integral part of any well designed system. Our architecture is no exception.

Connection logs files on servers are kept for a 5 day period. After 5 days the log files are deleted from all sources. The log files are only used for monitoring application performance, identifying software bugs, identifying any potential security breaches, and for the purpose of identifying abusive users. These connection log files are not used for monitoring or censoring your internet activities and they do not contain these information anyway.

Traffic monitoring files generated from Cacti are kept for purpose of monitoring server traffic utilization and load issues and identifying them before service becomes an issue. These files are not linked to any user in any way.

The user account information we keep are the name and email address you provide us with when you subscribe to our service. When you cancel your  service with us, we will wipe all your account information completely after 7 days.

We respect your privacy. We are not interested in what you do on the internet. We do not give your personal info to any third parties.