VPNv6 is a premium VPN provider that protects your privacy and anonymize your Internet activities while you are on the net. We use OpenVPN technology that runs on SSL protocol as this is one of the most secure encryptions available today. We are the first to provide IPv6 VPN service with OpenVPN.

What can I use VPNv6 for?

VPNv6 can help you in many scenarios and these are the primary three reasons.

For Security All of your Internet traffic will be encrypted and tunnelled to one of our servers. Your local ISP will only be able to see a single encrypted data streaming between your computer and one of our global servers.

For Privacy Your digital footprints can no longer be tracked down to you. You can keep your location private and change your IP address to one in another country.

For Freedom Bypass Internet censorship and restrictions in your country. These blocked services may include Skype, Facebook, YouTube, PPStream, Baidu and other social websites.

With VPNv6, you can enjoy Internet freedom and your activities will be anonymous to protect your privacy.
Without VPNv6, your internet data is insecure and can be inspected or eavesdropped by your ISP, hackers and at public WIFI hotspots.

Why choose VPNv6?

  1. We offer both IPv4 and IPv6 over a single VPN tunnel
  2. Unblock websites
  3. Unlimited VPN gateway location switching
  4. 128-bit encryption
  5. Bypass geographical restrictions
  6. Unlimited bandwidth
  7. Supports Port Forwarding
  8. No contracts or setup Fees