Technical Specs

VPNv6 offers the following VPN profiles. A detail usage guide can be found in our Client Area.

  1. Torrent – This profile is dedicated for Torrent/P2P users. VPN server will port forward a dedicated range
    of ports to your VPN connection.
  2. TCP – Use this profile to bypass Firewalls at Campus and Offices that do not have a
    Proxy Server or uses a standard Proxy server.


Service Support Features

Encryption Level 128-bit
Download Speed Unlimited
Traffic Usage Unlimited
Simultaneous Connections 1 per OpenVPN
Supported Platforms Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7,
MacOSX, Android, iPhone, iPad
Supported VPN Technology OpenVPN
Supported VPN Software Custom VPNv6 OpenVPN for Windows
Custom Tunnelblick for Mac OSX
OpenVPN for Android
IP Addressing OneĀ IPv4 RFC1918 Dynamic/Static
One IPv6 /128 Public
IPv4 and IPv6
Access to v6panel Client Area
Port Forwarding
Works behind Campus/Office Firewalls
Mobile Devices
Email/TeamViewer Support


Server Technical Features

OpenVPN Gateway
Tunnelblick Gateway
Access to IPv6
Access YouTube
Access Facebook, Twitter
Access Skype
Access Block Websites
Access Torrents and P2P
Port Forwarding